Ted Fontaine about music for kids

Hi, this blog has been created to talk time to time about importance of music in children’s development since early ages. I have three kids, and all of them have been raised listening to classical music. Starting at age 3-5 months I would turn on classical music of famous composers such as Tchaikovsky , MozartVivaldi on the background. When kids were getting older, I kept CD’s with classical music in my car, or would turn on local classical radio station.

I use to take my kids to opera houses, ballet, theaters when I could. Growing up kids developed pallet for fine music.  They started taking art and piano classes at school.  They played piano using a mechanical metronome that helped kids to develop a natural sense of timing. During school years, doing a lot of artistic activities made my kids to stand out. Looking back, I understand how important was music in their development. I have met many children who don’t know anything about music, but naturally are attracted to it. I’m hoping to make several posts that young mothers could come across and, at least, turn on for once classical music for their kids. I’ll write about sounds of music as not all music benefits children. Some tunes can be very disruptive and disturbing for kids’ nervous system whereas majority of classical music helps kids to come down, babies sleep better, it provokes imagination. I think that  is yet for today. Thanks for reading. Ted.

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